1/2© Atelier Brunecky
2/2© Atelier Brunecky
Nordtrakt Hauptbahnhof
location: Zürich, Switzerland
client: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB
status: In Progress
project: 2022⁠–⁠2025

New retail spaces were made available in areas of the north wing of Zurich Main Station. An updated plan proposes the addition of a new food and retail area arranged around the existing atrium and allows for efficient circulation via a central staircase spanning two floors.

A new take-away area for meals on the go, totaling around 170 m2 can be found on the side of the train tracks. Two or three take-out providers are available, providing service over a long bar counter. Diners are invited to linger among the attractive furnishings and take a break in the overhead space in front of the bar counter. Two staircases on either side lead up to the gallery floor, allowing easy access to the upper level. The existing western stairwell is extended by one story, while the eastern stairwell is repositioned in the overall structure. A simple logistical solution is offered by means of a freight elevator on the east side which ensures smooth delivery and distribution of goods from the basement to the storage area on the gallery floor and the individual retail areas on the shop floors.

commission: Competition
program: Retail
size: 3678 m²
team: Annette Spillmann, Harald Echsle, Carlo Fumarola, Christoph Heitzmann, Lennart Jansen, Franziska Konrad, Patricia Pervan, Georgios Samartzopoulos, Katja Schöb, Andrea Binder, Christoph Danuser
consultants: Righetti Partner Group AG; Synaxis AG Zürich; Jobst Willers Engineering AG; EBP Schweiz AG; Vadea AG; Amstein+Walthert AG; AFC Air Flow Consulting AG; EK Energiekonzepte AG; sofies Kommunikationsdesign AG