freitag store milan


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Location: Viale Pasubio, Milano
Client: FREITAG lab. ag, Zürich
Status: built
Project: 2017



After years of searching, a match was found for the predefined criteria for the perfect location, room size and structural condition for the new FREITAG shop in Milan. In addition to the essential and well-established products, around 1000 spaces for bags in the V30 sales shelves, the complete range of clothing in combination with the popular Reference line can be found in the same coherent space for the first time.
The shop, close to Porta Garibaldi and Corso Como, goes almost unnoticed in the double height ground floor level of a uniform residential and commercial building. It has a quiet courtyard from the last century and is located opposite the new building Feltrinelli by architects Herzog and de Meuron.
The space is entered through a simple shop front, visitors stand in the sequence of three arches of an industrial outbuilding to reach a green courtyard. Up until recently people cooked and ate here. The traces of time and use are evident on the columns and walls. The uncovered original structure defines the space. The raw and pure surfaces of the space are left intact and traces of the history are recognizable at a second glance.
A few interventions bring structure to the retail unit. The sequence of the rooms in the depth is accompanied by a central multi-part workshop table. It is flanked by matt galvanized metal perforated walls that conceal various uses including changing rooms, ventilation and adjoining rooms.

Industrial toolbox units from Lista are developed for the payment desk and the shelving systems V30 and V200 for the bags are specifically developed and designed by FREITAG themselves.
The clear, plain color and design of the furniture, the flooring and the lighting are superimposed against the warm brickwork arch to the industrial building on the courtyard side.