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The structural house …
is a mobile house for Switzerland. It is tectonic in its appearance and manufactured from wood.
It is composed of four radial arranged individual houses, each with two or three levels. Together they generate an inner courtyard and are connected by metallic locks.
Structurally functional red lashing straps create connotations to four piles of wood or to freight transport. The dimensions of 117 prefabricated wood elements correspond to conventional freight transport dimensions. The complete house kit fits into 14 HGV lorries. The wooden elements and foundations are kept in storage can be interlocked into one another, screwed together and can be constructed on site in less than two weeks.
As a result it is a well-travelled mobile house:  Sotchi – Milano – Zurich, ready to be built and dismantled a further 7 times and for 7 further journeys.


The sculptural house …
is a house with its form and materials resulting from its location.
Where the railway slices between Oerlikon and Bucheggplatz at the bridge of Birchsteg, the building volume grows from the concrete wall and itself becomes part of the infrastructure.
To combat the external noise of the railway, the volume of the house is subtly distorted.
The solution is a sculpted monolithic appearance that is additionally strengthened by concrete roof.
The staircase, lift and bathrooms are located in the core in the centre of the volume.
The core simultaneously divides the spaces into a double height living area, a bedroom and a study.
The result is a monolithic, sculptural house that is distorted from the impact of its context.

Photo-Credits: Roger Frei