Competition, 1st prize
New apartment building containing six apartments and one office

2 / 15

Location: Reinhardstrasse 18, 8008 Zürich
Client: Stiftung Gemeinnütziger Frauenverein Zürich
Service: Architecture
Project: 2010 – 2016

The site is located in the Seefeld district, a highly urban and attractive part of Zurich, adjoining the inner city. Owing to its homogeneous and dense building style of the late 19th and early 20th century the Seefeld city district is considered as one the most popular living districts of Zurich. 
The subtle, yet dynamic shape of the building acts as a ‘hinge’ within the surrounding urban context, establishing a spatial dialogue by means of various sculptural interventions such as balconies and protruding living space grouped around the core of the building. From the outside, the design principle of the interior space can be traced both in the dynamic shape of the roof as well as the fine shades of the exterior plaster. Coarse-textured and shadow-casting light coloured bands of plasterwork alternate with smooth-textured, greenish bars of plasterwork. The precise structure of the façade as well as the rigorously placed window openings give the building a deliberately urban character. A low wall surrounds the property and creates a beautifully atmospheric gravel courtyard defined by small magnolia trees, a large birch tree and akebia vines.