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Address: Frohalpstrasse 30, 8038 Zurich
Contracting authority: Meili Unternehmen AG
Status: Study contract – multi-family residence
Project: 2018

The dimensions of this structure are only slightly larger than the multi-family residences in the neighborhood. Precisely set and well- balanced with construction laws, it integrates into the plot and scales into the depth of the property with offsets of 2.50 m. The total length is 35 m, the width is 11.50 m.
The geometrical alignment of the offset of the building volume with the offset of the attic of 2.50 m gives the structure a complex cubical expression.
The gradual increase in height of the structure follows the offset of the terrain of 2.35 m, which is divided into two clearly defined levels by the installed wall.
Thanks to the geometrically developed recess of the building, sunlight can penetrate into the apartments throughout the day.
All apartments have two different balconies. The geometrical alignment of the balconies prevents mutual glimpses into the apartments in an elegant way.
The floor plans of these 10 apartments follow a strict interior space planning.
The living and sleeping areas alternate with the other usable spaces (bathrooms, kitchens and wardrobes). Both attics have attractive exterior terraces.