ABB villa boveri

invited competition

2 / 6

Location: Baden
Client: ABB Wohlfahrtsstiftung, Baden
Status: competition
Project: 2014

Villa Boveri is situated in the south of the old town of Baden and is surrounded by landscaped gardens. It was built by Karl Coelestin Moser between 1896 and 1897 and the beautiful gardens were designed by Evariste Mertens.
Visitors pass through the foyer and are then welcomed into a spacious, central hall. The adjoining rooms are accessed and arranged around this inner hall. The second floor follows the classical spatial organisation of the other floors and radial room boxes hug this central hall. The rooms can be entered by doorways punctuating the wooden panelling and from the inside, through built in cupboards. Underneath the main pitched roof with its existing central skylight, a fourth, more generous seminar room of around 40 m2 is planned within the structure. As the upper room does not contain a direct visual reference to the surrounding park, trees and treetops, a textile wall covering transforms it into a green, almost garden-like space. At the same time the floral wall covering refers to the original and existing artistically hand-painted wallpaper of Hans Sandreuter.