loft apartments horgen

project study for a new building

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Address: 8810 Horgen
Client: Mibag Property + Facility Management AG, Zürich
Project study: spillmann echsle architekten
Year: 2008
Photo collage: spillmann echsle architekten

A contemporary new building in this densely built-up location which can fulfill all factors concerning use requires a simple yet flexible basic structure. The possible utilisation regarding height and length gives the new building the necessary presence in the dense succession of industrial buildings. The openings of the façade reflect the change in use. A stringent structure, however, relates to the identity of the location. The relatively small depth of the building is a reaction to the exposure to the sun on the slope side. The playful sectional staggering toward the lake refers to the onlooker‘s perception in relation to movement. At the same time the staggered profile creates an attractive outer space and is an answer to the noise emmission of the location. The various floor heights and staggerings allow for unusual ceiling heights while maintaining the requirements of the „Gestaltungsplan“. The lake can be seen even at ground floor level, due to the raised ground floor.