apartment house birchsteg

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Address: Birchsteg, 8057 Zürich
Client: Private
Planning and design: spillmann echsle architekten ag
Project leader: Guillaume Chapallaz, Barbara Springer
Construction management and realisation: Jaeger Baumanagement
Civil engineer: Andreas Haag + Partner GmbH, Diego Zanolla
Housing technology: naef energietechnik, Gerber Patrick Haustechnik GmbH
Construction: 2011-2014
Renderings: total real, Zurich

The building site at the Birchsteg is characterised by the SBB railroad tracks cutting the plot, and by the surrounding traditional row housing in the Birchstrasse. With its massive, polished and slightly deformed appearance the building block reacts on the issue of local sound pollution. A central core -containing staircase, elevator and bathrooms- penetrates the whole building volume defining the adjacent open, split leveled spaces in different zones for living, sleeping and working.