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Location: Witikonerstrasse 286, Zürich
Client: Evangelisch-reformierte Kirchgemeinde Zürich Witikon
Status: built
Project: 2019

The neighbourhood centre offers the district Witikon a meeting place in the immediate vicinity of the church, where people can meet and exchange ideas in an uncomplicated way.

The project consists of three gabled houses of different heights, jutting out and interlocking with each other, which span a common inner space.

They fit naturally into the star-shaped structure of the given network of paths and create a new attractive access to the inner space of the area.

The new structure is entered centrally at its short side. Via a porch, visitors enter the overheight room.

The timber construction was prefabricated in the factory in few elements that fit well on trucks. A wooden, pre-grayed vertical battening visually binds the three houses together.