invited competition for replacement building
and alteration project
2nd prize

1 / 10

Location: Limmatstrasse 23/25, Zürich
Client: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB
Status: competition
Project: 2019

The property on Limmatstrasse is located in the densely built-up, easternmost part of the industrial quarter, characterised by four to five-storey perimeter block buildings that were constructed at the end of the 19th century.

The building structure spans between a commercial building from 1990 and a residential building, which is under construction.


Conversion: The expression of the building is urban, industrial and characterised by the clear grid of the commercial building from 1960. The façade, prefabricated from concrete elements or fibre cement, is divided into an overheight shop floor projecting 95 cm from the sidewalk, four residential storeys and a receding attic. The loggias are subtly covered by glass folding wings. The shop floor is clad with anodised trapezoidal sheet metal. The artificial stone filling elements are made of terrazzo. In the apartments raw concrete columns, beams and exposed concrete ceilings create an industrially urban aesthetic and atmosphere.


New building: The building structure extends along the street side of the building line, on the courtyard side it exploits the maximum possible depth of the building, which is only possible due to the legal and neighbourly distances.

The compactly organised structure, which is structured with fine tectonic jumps and visually interlocks with the attic, sits on a heavy base. The over-high living spaces are distinguished by large openings in the façade and create an urban, differentiated expression. The densely organized layered floor plans fit into the basic structure.

By vertically cleverly nesting the living spaces around half a floor, rooms with a clear room height of 3.95m are created. These overheight rooms create an inner expanse, generosity and urbanity.