spillmann echsle architects was founded in 2002 by

annette spillmann (*1969) and harald echsle (*1968)

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annette spillmann studied sociology and cinematic sciences at the university of zurich (1990-1994) and architecture at the eth zurich (1994-2000) and at columbia university, new york (1998). Annette is one of the founding partners of spillmann echsle architects. she was an assistant in design and construction at the basel university of applied science (2005-2007).


harald echsle studied architecture at the eth zurich (1991-1997) and at the frank lloyd wright school of architecture in wisconsin (1991). he was project manager at bétrix & consolascio architects, erlenbach (1997-2001). Harald is one of the founding partners of spillmann echsle architects.



isabel ausserer, dipl.-ing

jen balmer, b arch (hons) / dip arch

gabriele bögli-pfannes, kaufm. angestellte

hans de jong, ba des

severine frehner, ma fhnw arch

anja green, dipl ing arch

christian höher, dipl ing arch

piotr margiel, dipl ing arch

luke moreland, b arch (hons) / dip arch

paritteepan premraj, arch b.a. zfh

christian schönthaler, dipl ing arch

peter weeber, msc eth arch

katrin zumbrunnen, msc eth arch


established in: 2002
legal form: ag


former employees:

barbara springer, dipl ing arch

lena ryser, praktikantin

frank keikut, dipl ing arch

benjamin erdman, msc eth arch

tiago matthes, dipl ing arch

amélie fibicher, msc etc arch

cécile baumann, praktikantin

katharina bayer, dipl ing arch

simon zehnder, msc eth arch

marcel baumann, dipl arch eth

guillaume chapallaz, dipl arch epfl

alexander janeck, dipl ing architektur

sander luckers, msc arch
katrin murbach, ba of arts in scenographical design
simone retter, dipl ing arch
heike toussaint, ma of architecture
simon zemp, cand. eth
ute brillinger, accademia di architettura, mendrisio
iris durot, produktedesignerin fh
sebastian etter, praktikant
thomas fässler, dipl arch eth
rolf gassler, dipl bauführer sba
michaela gisler, praktikantin
adnan haximeri, hochbauzeichner
sarah hintermann, praktikantin
ioanna intze, diplom ingenieurin th
barbara iseli, dipl arch eth
regina koller, praktikantin
monika moor, dipl arch eth
felix moos, praktikant
jörg püschel, diplom ingenieur fh
martina roth, hochbauzeichnerin
gabriella todisco, praktikantin
fan zhang, praktikantin