halle 53


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Address: Sulzer-Areal Winterthur
Client: City of Winterthur
Status: competition
Project: 2017-2018

Protected as a historic monument, the Halle 53 is one of the most impressive witnesses of Winterthur’s industrial history. Built in 1891 as a large foundry of the Sulzer family, it is the centerpiece of the present Sulzer areal.
With regard to urban development, this large hall acts as a connecter between the Katharina-Sulzer-Platz in the east and the public Drehscheibenplatz in the Lokstadt neighborhood.

The structural interference for the conversion of the hall essentially consists of the installation of a platform in in-situ concrete. The structure with four axes, which are precisely implemented in the passage of the front section and the “Grande Salle”, divides the present large hall into two areas: an over height concert hall and an unheated hall for flexible use, serving as a filter to the acoustic, climatic and spatial conditions. Despite the spatial intervention, the basic three-nave structure in the “Grande Salle” remains visible and perceptible.

The unheated hall is a cultural structure which can be used in varied ways and also separated from the rest of the structure. Like in a multifunctional hall, various markings are painted on the floor, creating space for different scenarios and playing options. At the same time, this large hall is an urban and public passageway, connecting the two urban squares Katharina-Sulzer-Platz and Drehscheibenplatz in an attractive way.