haus zur sommerau


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Address: Bergstrasse, 8707 Uetikon am See
Client: private
Status: built
Project: 2016-2018

The villa ‘Haus zur Sommerau’ in Uetikon, which is under preservation, is situated on the edge of a terrain in direct proximity to the school buildings, the community hall and the church hill of Uetikon. The extensive garden in front of the building with its well-shaped twisted paths, plant beds, fences and original garden gates dominates this property and brings the representative buildings of the upper middle class into mind.

The property was originally built in 1902, probably by the architect Karl August Veit. He was the architect of the Weissenrain school building, which is closely related to the property in front of it.

In the interior of the villa stucco ceilings, field paneling, dados and wood imitation paintings are indications of Historicism. The building was renovated as whole in consideration of its preservation status. The woodwork was painted in delicate green with oil colour and brush. In the kitchen and bathrooms the basic structure was renovated and newly organized. A careful and cautious materialization, cement tiles, basins in natural stone and terrazzo surfaces dominate these rooms.