halle 550

Event Halls

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Location: Zurich
Client: Genossenschaft Migros Zürich GMZ
Status: ongoing construction
Project: 2016-2020

As some of the last architectural witnesses of Neu Oerlikon’s industrial past, the ABB halls are of great importance to the city’s history. In the course of the revision of the special building regulations, the halls will finally be preserved and most of them will be placed under protection. On this basis, the halls will be gently renovated and technically upgraded with great consideration for the building fabric, so that they can be used for public events and major occasions. The industrial charm of the building will be preserved. With the creation of the MFO Park, the original halls were shortened and provided with a temporary façade. This urbanistic cut in the industrial architecture is being reinterpreted. The halls will receive a new public appearance to the MFO Park.