kirche balgrist


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Address: Lenggstrasse 75, 8008 Zurich
Contracting authority: Swiss Reformed Church Balgrist Status: Study contract
Project: 2018
Originating in 1950 from a competition design by the Pfister brothers and inaugurated in 1952, the Balgrist church is located in the Hirslanden district in a prominent and elevated position, in close proximity to different hospital buildings. The church is considered as a place of silence and peace and a meeting place with church services, lunches, concerts or movie evenings, and a café which complements the idyllic garden in the summer months.
A spatial extension of the gallery connects as a 5-metre-wide space to the existing gallery. Conceptually, the new structure appears like large wooden furniture completing the existing structure in stone as a room cushion and with a cupboard layer in the area of the small kitchen extending towards the floor. Precisely set steps, frames and a meeting box for confidential conversions are integrated into it. By entering this intimate box, an archaic house is revealed to visitors. The large skylight carved into the gable creates spatial reference to the surroundings.
On the ground floor, the new room can be easily integrated into the big room thanks to a mobile accordion partition. On the upper floor, the meeting and conference space functions as a filter between open office and office desks. The view is controlled according to the situation with acoustically effective curtains. The curtains show abstract sun motifs, like in the existing plastering.