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A provisional, high quality acoustic concert hall for the Tonhalle Orchestra will be built in an existing structure on the Maag site. It has been designed for use during the three-year reconstruction period of the Tonhalle commencing in summer 2017. The temporary concert hall includes an entrance foyer, ticket office, cloakrooms for spectators and adjoining rooms such as cloakrooms for the concertists, recording rooms, lounges, large storage areas with direct stage access as well as office areas and administration.


Visitors entering the former events hall will see the wooden concert hall installation with its honest, unvarnished, temporary haptic.
The visitor is led naturally around the installation to find the entrances to the uncompromising, precise wooden interior.
The rectangular acoustic room, constructed from oiled spruce, welcomes lovers of classical music and lets the visitor experience the precisely positioned shifting wall panels that form the space.


The concert hall is divided into a multifunctional parquet floor area of 720m2 with 784 seats, an upper floor with fixed seating and choir seating, and two galleries spanning the long sides of the wooden installation with 440 seats. The concert hall offers 1224 seats in total with an orchestral stage measuring 19 x 11 metres.