IT Tech Firm New Offices Space

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Location: 8002 Zürich
Services provided: General planer
Work phases: 1-5(SIA)
Project size: 2091 m2
Realised: 2015

This IT Tech Firm prides itself on discovery, innovation and the creation of the next big thing. It‘s a company, which sees no boundaries and examines the world of “what if”. The challenge was therefore to design a smart working environment that is flexible and adaptive to the users and their needs. The brief required office space for 175 people, meeting rooms, break out zones with gimmicks and a generous restaurant. In addition to the interior program, the existing site has a garden that has the potential to be developed for recreational use. In order to provide a highly individual and inspiring environment  we gave priority to maximum functionality and flexibility combined with a raw, urban design. Simple, natural materials and multifunctional elements with a playful yet professional look create an atmosphere that provokes creativity in the workplace and interactions with colleagues.