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Location: Turgi
Client: ABB Immobilien AG
Status: concept design
Project: 2016


The spinning mill in Turgi is considered to be the largest building in the canton of Aargau and the largest mill in Switzerland. Even today the industrial buildings as well as the worker’s housing in the neo-classical style and neo-gothic style characterise the village.

Today the factory is used as an office building, combined with production, storage and workshops.

The project proposes a mix of new uses:

On the ground floor on the level of the Spinnereistrasse there are public uses that enliven and enhance the neighbourhood: a restaurant, commerical and service areas with public appeal and public character.

The new residential use is located in the two main buildings above the ground floor and fits naturally into the existing structure of the buildings. The 38 loft apartments, most of which are duplex apartments, are accessed by a long, internal corridor that subtly juts in and out.