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installations for reception, office and the „Bühne B“ foyer within an existing school building

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Location: Gessnerallee 09-13, 8001 Zürich
Client: Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich
Status: built
Project: 2003

The interior structure was condensed pragmatically in order to create two new areas: an extension to the office, as well as a new library and reception area.
 The use of glass tunnels as interior walkways allows the creation of office workplaces within the structure of the listed building. The lobby contains a built-in reception and library area. These areas are clearly perceived as new interventions in the existing structure. In terms of shape, material and colour they refer to one another while contrasting with the rawness of the existing rooms. The interventions look light and mobile and seem to dematerialise due to their surface. A glass skin covers these newly built-in facilities. This glass surface is comprised of layers of tinted foil in combination with thick glass. This generates an impression of depth, iridescent colour and light display. The colours green, blue and red refer to the respective location and surrounding area.