Seniorenresidenz Sedrun

invited competition

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Location: Sedrun
Client: Fundaziun Puntreis
Status: Competition (4th price)
Project: 2015

The new, extremely compact retirement home blends naturally into the series of buildings in the Dulezi development. The ground floor is connected via an arcade to the village square. This architectural theme refers subtly to the already existing building in the Dulezi development. The design of the building reacts to its topographical situation with landscape design creating an urban space on the village side and a scenic space on the valley side.
The building form is divided into a generous public area with cafe and activity spaces and a fragmented structure with private apartments. The form embraces a curved stairway through a slightly offset void and alternating common rooms. All apartments are connected to the central circulation zone. In terms of typology the structure follows a principle of subdivision. Entrance areas join several smaller and larger rooms with are formally aligned with each other. The complex spatial system provides a fascinating and highly adaptable structure.