oberbüel weggis

invited competition

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Location: Weggis
Status: competition
Project: 2014

The Oberbüel site is located next to the Neubühl shopping complex on Luzernerstrasse in Weggis. Three building volumes, each around 18m x 21m in dimension are positioned along the building line of the neighbouring Neubühl shopping complex. They are precisely aligned along this axis before concluding at the final building volume. The three „light“ volumes sit on the concrete podium of the ground level and create a new public space, from which the individual entrances can be accessed and building address established. The connection of the piazza to the landscaped area above is by two subtle semi-public exterior stairs. They penetrate the base and lead visitors to a second, more private level. The three clear-cut building volumes exhibit a tectonically articulated facade with an urban expression by the use of large format fibre cement panels. The ground floor piazza level incorporates a cafe, a variety of retail spaces and a police station and the piazza therefore accomodates these invigorating uses. The nursery school occupies the building from the piazza level and opens out to the landscaped area of the first level. The attic levels are positioned according to each other and the surrounding landscape. The volumes are tightly organised internally around the core in either 3-loaded stairwells, or to obtain the necessary variety and maximal amount of apartments, also 4-loaded stairwells. The core circulation and services are within functional spatial „rings“. The loggias are embedded in the levels as private „outdoor rooms“.