maag areal

conversion of a former industrial building into a musical theatre and various event halls

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Location: Maag Areal, 8005 Zürich
Client: Mehag AG
Status: built
Project: 2002-2005

The Maag area was founded in Zurich West in 1913; an area which at the time was becoming the city’s industrial zone. Maag was one of the world’s leading suppliers for gearbox parts for gas turbines, compressors, ships and cement factories. Within a few years the former industrial zone was transformed into a cultural district where temporary facilities could be leased for five to ten years. 
Complying with the owner’s requirements, the Maag Event Hall’s new and highly functional infrastructure is designed to accommodate concerts for up to three thousand people, exhibitions, meetings as well as dinner galas. While basic structures remained untouched, toilet facilities, cloakrooms and a catering kitchen were added. The removal of the middle support element freed the central space for functional uses. Four precisely placed vertical concrete slabs reinforce this new hall, regulate the entrances and exits and keep the escape routes free. The existing façade remained unchanged and was emphasised by means of integrated light engineering. Brown, Red and Gold are the dominating shades of colour.