freitag shop berlin

interior construction of a commercial store

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Address: Max-Beer-Strasse 3, 10119 Berlin
Client: Freitag lab AG, Zürich
Planning and design: spillmann echsle architekten
Construction: 2009

The concept of the shop was found quickly on site when a former Dye Works factory, including a thoroughfare with large curbstones, was revealed on the ground floor after removing built-in state parlours dating back to DDR times. The shop’s various functional modules and units had been defined previously and now were simply inscribed into the stripped (and landmarked) structure. 
Alongside the dug-out thoroughfare, various functional zones were generated, visually held together by use of a uniform Industrial Chic design as well as an overall color scheme that was borrowed from the original color scheme of the Freitag Flagship Store in Zurich. A large wall, two storeys high and consisting of hundreds of stacked packing boxes, each containing a Freitag bag, accompanies the customer to the lower floor level.