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interior construction of an industrial building

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Location: Binzmühlestrasse 170, 8046 Zürich
Client: FREITAG lab. ag, Zürich
Status: built
Project: 2010-2011

Freitag is a multifaceted firm, producing both products and ideas. The brief, therefore, required a combination of multiple facilities, ranging from office spaces, working places for cutting, washing and sewing, formal and informal meeting spaces to many different places for storage. In approaching both office and factory as spaces of production, the design proposes an open layout where each of Freitag’s many activities is accommodated. The interior was designed in close collaboration with the client. The space had to enable the company great flexibility in terms of working environment, and to stimulate the development of working rituals. A walk through the building displays the many sides of Freitag and exposes the visitor to the many different activities that take place within – each of these are intricate part of Freitag’s story of success.