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conversion of a production facility into office units

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Address: Aathalstrasse 84, 8610 Uster
Client: Trümper AG
Status: built
Project: 2008-2010

The production facility is located at the entry to the Trümpler area. It was built in the eighties and in recent years used as a film studio . Now it has been subdivided into small units with good rental prospects. High flexibility of use, both horizontally as well as vertically, is a priority. Accordingly, the floor elements and partitions are required to be easily mountable and demountable. These high standards concerning structural flexibility were set for two reasons: firstly, to accommodate a diverse set of tenants, ranging from small-scale businesses to large firms; and secondly, to enable businesses to expand and contract, depending on interval changes. Large openings, several storeys high, distinguish the new building envelope with its steel sheet cladding and thus give the whole area an entirely new presence.