raiffeisen bank adliswil

conversion of an apartment building into a bank with office spaces

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Location: Bahnhofplatz, 8134 Adliswil
Client: Raiffeisenbank, Region St. Gallen
Status: competition
Project: 2008

The new building can be interpreted as a formal reaction to the two distinctly shaped buildings on either side. By responding to various formal elements of the neighbouring buildings, the new structure transforms and adapts these into an individual design of its own.
 The base and roof project protrude from the western facade to form the new entrance. The eastern facade makes reference not only to the strict rhythm of the window openings but also to the more subtle design of the base. Its larger openings are flush to the outside of the building. The shape of the roof and the overall material choices of the building refer to the building on the eastern corner. The large structures on the roof are a contemporary interpretation of the former dormer windows, complying with the nineteenth century house typology. 
The interior space of the predetermined volume inscribes and weaves itself into the floor plan in a layered fashion. By doing so creates nine sections of approximately the same size. In a playful manner small spaces are created, various rooms are combined to form larger areas and combined to provide generous vertical spaces. These central voids allow for spatial references throughout the building and create the necessary transparency and additional space in the otherwise compact building. By way of two new roof structures the attic is extended into a new, exciting space that gives way to a picturesque view to the Albis hill.