freitag factory maag

conversion of a production hall with built-in office space

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Location: Hardstrasse 219, 8005 Zürich
Client: FREITAG lab. ag, Zürich
Status: built
Project: 2003

The production of Freitag bags requires a great deal of space. Approximately 2’780 square meters of floor area are needed in order to have the used truck tarps delivered, pulled apart, cut to the rough shape, washed, rolled, tailored, assorted, assembled and sewn together to bags and other items. They are then photographed, stored, packed, stored again and, finally, shipped off to be then sold. Additional space is needed for small exhibitions, secondary rooms for staff and primarily for office space. 
The built-in office space is raised above the floor of the wide-span production hall and accommodates forty workplaces. For functional reasons it leans against the old industrial façade. The workplaces for cutting and assembling the tarps are located directly under this new office space. V-shaped props carry the monolithic floor slab. In a short space of time pre-fabricated, timber walls and ceiling elements could be connected. On the outside the boxes are clad in roofing felt and plastic cupolas cover the openings.