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invited competition for the design of new office spaces into the former stock exchange building

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Address: 8001 Zurich
Client: Wüest & Partner AG
Design: spillmann echsle architekten
Year: 2012
Renderings: total real, Zurich

Together with 7 other architecture offices we were invited to make a proposal for transforming the former Zurich stock exchange building into the main office for the international company Wüest & Partner AG.
The ’Alte Börse’ is a building from the 1920’s and is protected national heritage. It derives its spatial character from a central skylight bringing light from above into the former stock exchange hall. Around the main room, spaces are organised along the outer facades.
Regarding the original function with its ringshaped furniture and our decision of staying within the structure of the building, we adopted its concentric organisation into our proposal. The idea of the ring refers to the past and and the same time it offers a spatial principle to organize the interior in both a practical and conceptual way. We aimed for 1 spatial intervention that is able to bring it all. In our proposal a ring shaped piece of furniture separates the central room from the adjacent spaces. On the inside we proposed a multifunctional open space. The ring provides in bookshelves creating a library atmosphere. With its formal character it represents the heart of the company; the brainpool where data are stored and communicated. On the outside the ring defines an informal working zone where data are processed. The ring provides the office space around with storage and all other services needed. In and on the ring places for thinking, reading and talking are situated. Furthermore the ring incorporates all necessary installations for electricity, data, cooling/heating and air treatment. Also all required measures for fire safety are solved within the ring. Respecting the existing building we decided to keep the original steel structure visible. The added materials like cement and concrete are kept neutral. The ring in smoked oak wood makes in this rather industrial setting for an elegant and pleasant atmosphere on all sides.