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detached family house

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Location: Mythenstrasse, 8802 Kilchberg
Client: private
Status: built
Project: 2011

The existing detached house, built in 1945′, is set back from the street adjoining another existing detached property. It lies in a quiet residential area in Kilchberg. To adapt the small house to the current needs of a young family, the building volume is increased to its maximum, as permitted by law. By raising the roof and extending the width of the house it was possible to increase the building’s size without changing its impact on the surroundings. A spacious living and dining area with kitchen is created on the ground floor. Upstairs the additional space resulted in an additional children’s room and a spacious informal room directly connected to the open stairway. The slightly higher roof enabled the transformation of the attic into a large parents’ bedroom with separate bathroom. The new staircase, as a new central element in the house, winds like a ribbon through the floors. Two large roof lights give the interior an unexpected generosity and open the view to the sky. The materials of the new interior, such as the oiled spruce floors and the solid made doors, refer to what once was. Large windows give the interior an open unobstructed view to the outside. Newly made interventions on the facades play with classical elements of the 40′s. The shutters are placed alternately left or right of the window openings. Subtle differences in granularity and color of the plasterwork give place to the elements in the facade.