house erlenbach

detached family house

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Location: 8703 Erlenbach
Client: private
Status: built
Project: 2008-2010

The small irregularly shaped plot is framed by the existing retaining walls from the street below. 
The shape of the building itself is defined both by building regulations as well as the restricted size of the plot. The new six room construction comprises of an attic level, two main floors and an underground garage. The formal architectural vocabulary is clear, authentic and unadorned. The layered and in-situ concrete construction (double shell) adds the necessary severity to the location and corresponds to the anonymous newer architecture of the neighbourhood. Floor by floor, the view to the outside unfolds while interior space is complemented by exterior areas. The staircase supports the building like a spine and supplies the levels with the necessary media. The building is framed by a minimalistic green space which provides a cosy intimacy.