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single family house

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Address: Iselisbergstrasse, 8524 Uesslingen
Client: private
Planning and design: spillmann echsle architekten
Project leader: Monika Moor
Construction management and realisation: Haeni Baumanagement, Uesslingen
Main constructor: Kaufmann Oberholzer, Schönenberg
Construction: 2007-2008
Photographer: Roger Frei

The 300 sqm single family house lies on a slope at the edge of the village of Üsslingen in the Kanton Thurgau. It is a prefabricated timber construction on a pre-cast concrete basement. The positioning of the building itself results from the topographical conditions. The house is entered from the top floor, the living area. From there one descends down past the sleeping area on the middle floor to the basement (work/cellar) and further on to the outdoor pool on the terrace. The idea of the triple sawtooth roof was originally derived from the local building laws which only allowed pitched roofs, which in turn carry connotations to the typical factory roof when lined up in a series. Thus the top floor of this small “factory for living” is divided into three areas for working, cooking and living.