31.3.2014 rautihus, the erection of the wooden structure has begun

07.-8.03.2014 we spent two breathtaking days in Arosa!

07.02.2014 the house of switzerland opens its doors

17.12.2013 1st prize: apartment houses im lee egg

06.11.2013 opening of the new FREITAG store in Shibuya/Japan

01.11.2013 birchsteg roof construction

07.08.2013 have a look at our House Switzerland not just built for the Olypmics in Russia

11.-13.01.2013 we spent the weekend together in Zuoz

20.11.2012 noerd canteen wins 1st prize in business and care at best of swiss gastro

19.-21.10.2012 we will be part of the exhibition, maag halle zurich

11.09.2012 our new project: container hotel dresden

20.08.2012 detail planning starts for dance center migros herdern

01.08.2012 the lines between working life and home life are often blurred

01.08.2012 we are moving to a new office space!

25.06.2012 competition entry for offices for wüest & partner

15.06.2012 building application for areal tiefenbrunnen

03.04.2012 have a look at our new project Birchsteg

12.03.2012 we took a day off and went skiing to schatzalp

14.02.2012 Birchstrasse construction starts

19.12.2011 competition entry for a learning factory

07.11.2011 we will be part of the exhibition re-cycle in rome’s new museum maxxi

07.11.2011 feasibility study for areal tiefenbrunnen

24.10.2011 we are taking part in the lodz design festival

21.10.2011 our new website is online

28.09.2011 recognition for freitag flagship store zurich

16.09.2011 official opening of the freitag factory noerd