New building

Open competition
Client: Hochbaudepartement Stadt Luzern
Renderings: Matthias Blass / spillmann echsle architekten

The new four-storey university building blends into the succession of the other public buildings along the river Reuss. Unlike the Kaserne, this building is orientated towards the city centre.
The building has a clear and ring-like structural organisation from the inside to the outside. The centre-piece of the building is the library, that stretches across the entire building depth like a vessel. It is publicly accessible from the floor level only, being a professional library on the three faculty levels. A large skylight at the centre of the building provides the large room with zenithal daylight. The books are freely accessible and can be taken from the dark shelf area into the daylight to be read.
The static ring separates the library from the faculties and contains vertical circulations, building services, service facilities and archives.  According to requirements, these secondary rooms can be added to either the inner or outer area.
The three large auditoriums are located in the heading of the building facing the city. They can be entered via a short open cascade both from the first level as well as from the second level. The seminar rooms are located on the third floor. A translucent glass skin covers the building and, depending on the time of day, either reflects the environment or reveals the inner organisation. The inner concrete structure of the façade carries the floor slabs and gives the building a dynamic rhythm and stability.