Conversion of an apartment building into an office building with banking hall

Address: Bahnhofplatz, 8134 Adliswil
Client: Raiffeisenbank, Region St. Gallen

The new building can be read as a formal reaction to the impact of the two very distinctly shaped buildings on either side. By broaching and transforming the latters’ various formal issues, the new building manages to synthesise them into an individual design of its own.
The base as well as the projecting roof of the western building are both prolongated and completed in terms of the new buildings entry. However, the eastern building is referred to not only by means of the openings’ strict order and accurately framing reveals, but also in terms of the more subtle design of the base with its larger openings, that are flush to the outside of the building. The shape of the roof as well as the general materialisation of the building are a further reference to the eastern corner building. The large structures on the roof, a contemporary interpretation of the formerly existing dormer windows, typologically comply with the nineteenth century house type.
The interior space of the predetermined volume inscribes and weaves itself into the floor plan in a layered fashion and by doing so creates nine sections of approximately the same size. In a playful way small spaces are created, various rooms are combined to larger areas or coalesce to generous vertical spaces. These central voids allow for spacial references throughout the building and create the necessary transparency and wideness in the otherwise compact building. By means of two new roof structures the attic space is extended into a new and exciting space that gives way to a lovely view to the far Albis Hill.