School building for primary school

Open competition
Client: Municipality of Zollikon
Landscape architecture: bbz Zürich

The suggested design is a compact, three-storey building that manifests its public function by means of a specific shape and size, which stands in contrast to the surrounding village structure. Situated on a plateau between lake level and mountain ridge the school building gives a strong identity to location. A succession of squares and diagonal references is established by placing the school building away from the street and into the park. A wide path connects the two historic village nuclei of the village of Zollikon. At the same time, it stages the various buildings in scenic order. The main entrance to the park is relocated in between the school building Oescher A and the town hall.
Precisely positioned walls in the park create the school building’s basic structure. In between these walls space is generated in segmented layers. Slight distortions constrict and broaden the views into the park. On the other hand the park itself can flow into the depth of the building. The morphological roof shape refers to the type of the school studio and relates to the existing school. Then again, the fifth façade also is a formal answer to its topographic position.