Interior construction of an industrial building

Address: Binzmühlestrasse, 8046 Zürich
Client: Freitag lab AG, Zürich
Project leader: Sander Lückers
Services (100%): Design, project planning, realization
Construction: 2010-2011

Freitag as a firm with many sides -producing both products and ideas- requires a building with multiple facilities. From office space, working places for cutting, washing and sewing, formal and informal meeting spaces to many different storages. In approaching both office and factory as space for production, an open layout is proposed that will give place to the many sides of Freitag. In working together closely with the client an interior is developed that will enable the company to work the way they like, that will stimulate the development of working rituals, and as such allows them to develop further. Walking through the building will display these many sides of Freitag. Every trajectory possible will show a different combination of activities. These combinations however will always tell the same story; the Freitag story.