Single family house

Address: Bergstrasse 41, 8702 Zollikon
Client: private
Planning and design: spillmann echsle architekten
Project leader: Thomas Faessler
Construction: 2009

The concrete structure is in its shape a product of its environment. On the north side the house is connected to the roadspace, to the south it opens up towards the garden and overlooks the lake of Zürich and the Alps.
The structure seems to interlock with its environment, creating various covered exterior areas (terraces) of an intimate and sheltered nature. These are staggered on both floors, giving the building a very dynamic appearance. The interior of the house is characterised by the two subjects of solid (core) and void.
In the living area, spatial generosity and vertical transparency is achieved by means
of a large void. It is limited in its dimension by the core which contains all the side
rooms as well as the tall kitchen cupboards. The project opens up generously towards the south, to the garden and to a lovely view. To the north, two large openings facing the street flood the hall with cool daylight.