Urban Planning Kriens The proposed urban development scheme for both the communal area and the LUPK area in Kriens is based on the idea of creating a dialogue between the two suggested large structures and the adjacent industrial buildings in order to transform the industrial area into an inner city district.

The specific morphological shape of the suggested buildings is basically defined by one “house” component, the repetition of which creates large-scale structures. Despite their sheer size, these large-scale buildings still emphasize the single “house” volume itself as a clearly perceivable solitary shape in the green space. All apartments are facing in at least two directions. The buildings are accessed via their individual “house” volumes. Large bright entrance halls give way to the surrounding park and lead to the main staircase and elevator on split level.

The floor plans are determined by a clearly defined modular and flexible system that allows to create 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 as well as 4.5 room apartments in an unchanging main structure. The various spatial units as well as their interior succession of entrance, living rooms, loggias, bedrooms and bath rooms are organized with the same logic of repetition.

The idea of a net-like building structure (in this case resulting from repeating and slightly shifting the individual “house” volume) finds its continuation in the net-like system of footpaths in the park.