New construction of two apartment houses

Address: Casa Canossa, 7188 Sedrun
Client: Maissen architects SA
Design: spillmann echsle architekten
Realization: Maissen architects SA
Construction: 2007-2008

Due to the integration of these two new buildings on a slight slope in the middle of Sedrun it was possible to at last complete the grown village structure. Both in scale as well as formally the buildings were strongly influenced by the municipality’s requirements. The allotment was occupied by two, formally slightly distorted buildings, which look like two rocks that fell down from the mountains. By avoiding parallelisms to neighbouring buildings exciting outer spaces could be created that give way to various views to the surrounding mountain backdrop.
The facades facing south maintain a certain privacy due to the large, playfully positioned wood terraces. Thus, each of the compact three-room apartments has its own identity in a standardised and cost-conscious construction. The large amount of wood as well as the generous openings to the south in the façade allow an ideal energy budget for the apartments that meet the requirements of the Minergie standards.